How to get the man you want? Here is the secret information to help you get results!

confused-woman-4x3_1_540x405Did you know that once you truly “understand men”, it is easier to get love and commitment from them?
Whether you are “actively looking”, or already in a relationship, what you are about to read will be very valuable to you.


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Have you ever thought…

  • What is wrong with men today?
  • Why doesn’t he seem to be interested?
  • Why did he say he would call if he didn’t intend to?
  • Why is he running “hot and cold”?
  • Why did the relationship really end?
  • Is there anything wrong with me?

Or perhaps you are already in a relationship, and there is “something wrong” but you don’t know exactly what it is?

Perhaps you have felt time and again that he behaves in ways that don’t make sense to you, or that hurt you in the past, but you know that he did not mean it?

Why does he act “like that”?

hstalk_businessinspired“You are great to work with … I appreciate your energy.”
Glenn Freeman, author


If you have ever asked yourself some or all of these questions… you are not alone.

Book questionA letter from Javier:

Many women around the world are currently asking themselves the same sorts of questions and still scratching their heads for good answers.

These women -and indeed perhaps yourself- are wondering if they are to blame? “What did he mean when he said that? Why didn’t he do this? Why did I do that? What is going on?…”

Then of course, you have a wonderful array of people offering advice on this…oftentimes the wrong advice.

Although I am sure the advice givers have the best of intentions at heart, the fact still remains that even your nearest and dearest don’t always have the answers.

Easily learn how to transform your romantic life.
See results in 7 days.

Your best friend may tell you that you should or shouldn’t have waited to do this or that…to tell him how you feel…to “take charge”…to have “the talk” with him… and yet still nothing seems to be working!

But why is it not not working? There are many reasons for this…but the main one is: “because asking another woman to give you advice on men is like asking a doctor what to do when your car is not working properly!”

OK, the doctor might have some clue…but it’s always best to go straight to the the person who understands cars best, in this case a mechanic.

information-clipart-12642456441152556276symbol-information-mdAsking the wrong person and getting the wrong advice can leave you feeling even more lost, confused and hurt…

Thus, you end up making the same mistakes over and over again because you are seeking advice from people who don’t always have a healthy understanding of relationships themselves, how they are formed or how to encourage their growth…let alone how to identify if a man is actually suitable for you in the first place!

You may still be wondering why certain things have not worked. You may have changed the way you look, the way you behave around men, even the way you think about men…and still time after time it ends…and time after time your heart is broken and you end up crying on your friends shoulder and listening to the same old advice.

Then it seems like it’s out of your control and that the no man will ever understand you and you’ll never understand man, but don’t despair because I am here to tell you that …

There is a solution. There is hope for you…

I am here to tell you that everything you have ever thought about relationships is about to change forever!

NEVER again will you have the sense of feeling that things are out of your control in matters of the heart. You CAN take charge and you CAN be in control of your love life.

2008 149As an HMI certified Hypnotherapist and the Director of the fastest-growing Hypnosis organization in the UK, I have many years of experience helping women in various situations find themselves and achieve what they are looking for in life and in love.

These women have gained a powerful new sense of self, understanding of relationships and men in general.

They have learned how to fill “the void” and go on to have and enjoy their romantic and sexual lives to the full. Now you can benefit from the same valuable information, in a much shorter period of time and at a much lower cost.


Even if you think you know everything there is to know about men and relationships, you need to take the time to come to this event.

Whether you are you still dating or already in a relationship, there is something very valuable here for you.

These techniques work. In one day I’ll revolutionize the  way you feel about yourself, relationships and men. And I guarantee it.

Before I even start to tell you about what you’ll learn at this amazing event, let me give you our guarantee.

If you follow my advice applying the techniques I teach you and don’t become at least twice as successful over the course of twelve months after this seminar, I want you to call me and ask for your money back.

If you aren’t 100% satisfied, for any reason whatsoever, I want you to take me up on this guarantee.


evening_post_hmr_article_co“Javier, from my heart I am so eternally grateful for your encouragement, support and wisdom through out this journey I have been on. I asked the universe for help and I could never have expected that it would come in the form of such an amazing and wonderful man…I feel truly blessed to have met you…you have the ability to change the hearts and minds of many and this planet is a much better place because you are here.”
L.A. , client



I guarantee you will find this material useful.
The concepts I’ll give you in these events WORK. They have been tested with success “on the field” by my own clients for the last 5 years.

gold_guaranteeIf you’re looking for a way to spend a relaxing day away from the office, this won’t be it. Attendees are usually gladly exhausted by the end of the day. The reason?

I pack the seminar with information. Everything I give is really usable advice. Just lots of easy-to-use, fully-explained, tried-and-tested techniques that you can learn  learn and use right away. In the words of others:


“Thank you so much for meeting me Javier. It was really incredible to hear what you shared and you have taught me so much just from one meeting with you. I very much look forward to attending your workshop and to follow your good work.”

Michelle Hobbardl, relationship coach




  • “If I attend this event, does it mean that I am “desperate” for a man?”

    Not at all. The only thing it means is that you understand the value of knowing exactly how a man’s mind works.It means that you are smart enough to see that the women that know the most about men have the best relationships and the least difficulties attracting men.

    It also means that you realize that the longer you wait to learn all this, the least chances of success you will have at a latter age, so it is important to learn the truth about men as soon as possible.TW502

    None of these things have anything to do with “desperation”, and everything to do with being smart enough to take advantage of the latest advances and research in the Psychology of modern men.

    Nobody would try to operate on a patient without going to medical school. Would you? How could you then be expected to be successful in relationships if you don’t really know the real truth about men?

    There is nothing wrong about wanting to save yourself years of heartache and confusion.

    There is nothing “desperate” about wanting to have a better life and being smart enough to benefit from other people’s experience and knowledge. It is just the smart thing to do.

  • “I am already in a relationship, will this help me in any way?”

    Of course it will. Again, the problem with not knowing something is that you simply don’t know what you have not learnt yet.

    You don’t know how much better your relationship could be if you knew your man better. You don’t know how many misunderstandings and pain could be avoided if you understood your man better. You don’t know why exactly he does certain things he does.

    You may have a feeling that you know…but when you come to this event you’ll really know what is going on in his head in different moments and how to have with him the best and happiest relationship you can possibly have.

  • “I can live without a man! Why would I need to attend this event?”

    Some people can live without a partner, and that is great. However, it is a completely natural thing to want to find another person to share our lives with.

    This is one of the most important things we can do in life and something that will truly stay with us forever.

    We can ignore this drive to be with another, we can repress it, or lie to ourselves about it, but the experience of true love and companionship and support that a relationship can give is one of those few things that make life truly wonderful!

  • “I have men all figured out! I don’t need to learn more

    This is one of the greatest misconceptions out there today. Unfortunately, many women have a simplistic view of men and this leads them to make the same mistakes over and over again.

    The results? Great difficulties to find “the one”, an inability to enjoy long-lasting, happy relationships, and many associated problems such as anxiety, stress, depression…

    If you think that you know all there is to know about men, that’s great. But maybe you don’t. And in that case, unfortunately men won’t tell you about it. We all know that men are not the best at expressing feelings verbally.

    Thus, they’ll just move on and you’ll never know why it happened!

    That’s why we created To give you all the answers that you need to REALLY figure men out once and for all.

I am here to show you exactly why a man thinks and behaves the way he does, how to bridge the gaps in the “language” differences between you and him so that you can have the relationship you truly desire, and much, much more…

There is a way, if you know how…and I am here to show you that way.

What you will learn…

Whichever presentation you decide to go for you will gain insight that you never knew possible. Both events give you information you need to:

    1. Learn what you are doing well and should NOT be changed
    2. Understand exactly how you got here and why you may be confused about it
    3. Reignite desire in the man you already have
    4. Learn why what you did in the past did not work
    5. Explore how your own feelings affect relationships in surprising ways
    6. Understand the phases he goes through
    7. Find, attract and keep the man of your dreams
    8. Improve communication in your relationship
    9. If you are dating, learn how to attract different types of men in different environments
    10. Find out how to communicate with a man so that he’ll really listen to you
    11. Make your man appreciate you more
    12. Become more attractive to men in general, and especially to THE MAN of your choice
    13. Learn how to have harmonious, long-lasting relationships
    14. Improve your abilities to REALLY help effectively other women experiencing relationship difficulties
    15. Find out how exactly whether cliches about men and relationships are true or not, and why
    16. Learn about “true love” and how you can bring it into your life
    17. Hear what men really say about women behind closed doors
    18. Learn about the different types of personalities a man can have and how he will behave dating or when he is in love

Why come to a live presentation to learn all this?

If you have the chance, we strongly recommend you to come to our workshop. A workshop is an experiential event in which all your senses are excited, and this helps you to learn all the interesting things I will show you.

Moreover, when you interact in different ways with the information, you absorb more of it and also remember more of it.

You also get to ask me all the questions you always wanted to ask about men and relationships, and you may even have a chance to get advice on your own experiences, if you so choose.

Other benefits of these presentations:
  • You will benefit from the great energy of the room on the day
  • You will meet like-minded people that are also on the way to have better relationships
  • You will learn from the questions that others ask -and you may have never thought of asking.
  • You can share past experiences, get feedback and learn from what others did
  • You can make new friends and “compare notes” from the presentations
  • After you come to the event you can remain in touch with your new friends and motivate and advice each other based on the material you both learned in the presentations


The easy, low-risk option

product_one_hour_webinarThis exciting multimedia presentation is packed full of useful information on how men think and behave.
In one hour I am going to teach you the secrets to a man’s heart, and how to keep the heart you have found. This presentation will literally open your eyes on how to understand, find and keep the kind of men that you deserve in your life!
Read more about this exciting presentation

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    Saturday 13th of September, 15h EST
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…or if you prefer the longer version…


The best choice to learn the true nature of men

product_four_hour_workshopThis workshop delves deeper into the “communication play” between genders and gives you an in depth understanding of not only men but how men and women speak differently and therefore how you can change your life by learning a new way of communication. You get plenty of tips and techniques and lost of suggested ways to make your love and sex life better!
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  • Next 4h Workshop

    You are booking the right to watch live from anywhere in the world.
    If you cannot attend, you will receive a link to the recorded event.

    Saturday 20th of September, 15h EST
    Limited places available
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Understand and connect better with men. Get better results.

These days men are under the influence of powerful sociological and subconscious forces that shape their behavior and attitudes toward women. They get confusing messages from the media, from the women in their lives, from other men …and all this makes them behave in a way that can be difficult for women to understand.

There have also been remarkable changes in the expectations we all have of men today. This effects them greatly in the ways that they see themselves and how their ideas about things such as love, sex and marriage are formed…and we are going to tell you all about it! Want to learn more?


You won’t get this information anywhere else.
Book your place now and change your relationships forever.

In a year’s time, when you look back on it, you’ll be glad you decided to go ahead and attend one of these events.

Why settle for just pieces of the puzzle when you can get the full picture and see for yourself how everything fits together?

Finally things -and men- will make sense to you.

Since it’s a simple fact that as a woman you cannot see or feel how a man does, then what better way to understand than to simply just ask a man?

Not only are these presentations given by a man, but by a man who has done extensive research on the matter, and knows from personal experience and that of his close male friends, what works and what does not.

Over the years I have  interviewed clients, friends and acquaintances and received and compiled honest information from men of all ages, races and backgrounds…and now I can share the results with you.

JM_throomsAs an experienced hypnotherapist, I have met hundreds of female clients, getting to to understand what women want, look for a man, and the challenges they face.

I have made these presentations with the aim to give you exactly the information that you need.

I am here to save you the hassle of telling me everything about your life before I can help you, and pay several hundred pounds for individual therapy sessions.

All of my accumulated experience and dozens of case studies from many years in my profession have given me a great insight into how to help women like you help themselves,  by helping you understand the world of men…and how they think and feel.

If you are ready and want to know how men think and what they REALLY want, I have the answers for you!

Now is your chance to begin understanding men, love and relationships and change your life for the better…

Book your place in our next presentation or workshop and make the most of your life!

Limited places available.
Please book early to avoid disappointment

  • HelloMrRight is the result of many years of research in hypnotherapy, evolutionary psychology and relationship dynamics. My aim is to use my expertise to provide you with an understanding of men and relationships that will empower you and other women forever, at a much lower cost than having individual therapy sessions with me personally.
  • HelloMrRight is created to help women just like you -make better decisions in life and in love.
  • HelloMrRight is going to teach you from the beginning how to recognize if a man is even compatible with you in the first place, as well as exactly what you must do when you find the man you are attracted to.
  • HelloMrRight is going to show you that, starting from today, you CAN meet better quality men! You CAN understand which ones are right for you. You CAN find the bliss you have been looking for. You CAN have the happiness and love you deserve and it is all within your reach NOW.


"I have known Javier for years. He has always been a person of great values and principles. I had to ask Javier's advice in several occasions. As the very human, rational and professional person that he is, he was always able to show me the right path to follow. Using clear and precise questions he has always helped me to find the right answers for every situation. Thank you, Javier."

Anna M.


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